Heart of the Dharma

Heart of the Dharma is committed to providing an avenue for spiritual seekers to meet with the liberating wisdom teachings of the Buddha. We are dedicated to sharing the essence, or heart of the dharma, and making this wisdom available to everyone regardless of background.

Heart of the Dharma offers meditation and teachings to assist those who have an interest in overcoming their suffering and living with inner peace. Sanghas, meditation communities, are located in Boise, Idaho and in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Sanghas meet weekly to meditate together and support one another on the path to inner freedom.


Meditation & Dharma Talks
Sundays from 11-12:15 pm
Tuesdays from 7-8 pm

Simply Meditation
Mondays & Thursdays
No Teacher or Dharma Talk

Compassionate Boise Event at the Flicks Oct. 9
Hector & the Search for Happiness (Check our Events Page for details.)


2404 W. Bank Drive, Suite 202 Boise, Idaho 83705