Heart Fellowship

In Buddhism, a relationship between a spiritual guide and a spiritual practitioner is considered essential to one’s path. This relationship is called a noble friendship. It is based on the Buddha’s teachings and is considered an integral part of spiritual practice, an indispensable component for awakening. Through this friendship there is an opportunity for spiritual practitioners to go more deeply into their spiritual lives and, can be the cause, not only for transformation to occur, but can also be the cause for liberation.

This friendship, between a spiritual guide and a spiritual practitioner it is based on mutual trust, right intention, and integrity. These qualities form the basis for a wholesome and fruitful relationship. In addition, one will need to establish the right intention, the intention to to walk this path together for the purpose of inner awakening. When there is right intention on the part of the spiritual friend and the spiritual practitioner one can feel confident that the relationship will be beneficial.

The fellowship is not to be entered lightly and it is not for everyone. It is not an ordinary, mundane, relationship as one would have between a college professor and a student, for example. It is also not a program, instead, it is a spiritual friendship based on the shared intention to walk the path of awakening together.

Once thorough consideration has been given to engaging in such a noble friendship, a request can be made directly to me either through email or in an interview. If, after finding out more about this noble friendship, you feel a strong aspiration to make this commitment, you may request that I invite you into what I am calling a Heart Fellowship.


Dana Marsh