About Dana Marsh

Dana Marsh has spent many years meditating and studying the buddhadharma under the guidance of her root teacher Anam Thubten Rinpoche who embodies profound wisdom and compassion. In 2007, he ordained her as a dharma teacher, in the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dana is the author of Extraordinary Freedom: Buddhist Wisdom for Modern Times. In addition, she is the spiritual director of Heart of the Dharma, located in Boise, Idaho. She conveys the Dharma by pointing directly to the heart of the matter. You will find that she encourages and guides others with love, humor, and devotion to the truth to experience transcendent wisdom for themselves. Her teaching style is easy to relate to and contemporary, inviting everyone to see their own beautiful nature.

Ordination vows taken by Dana when she was ordained.

“From now on I will always embrace loving kindness, [and] unconditional caring to all those who come into my presence looking for the wealth of holy Dharma regardless of their background, their personal stories, their state of mind. I will regard this task as a way to fulfill my life’s mission, to be a Bodhisattva and to give away myself to others through the generosity of wisdom and compassion.

With my best knowledge, I will only speak the truth, I vow to only teach pure dharma, the true dharma, even though I may encounter challenges when trying to teach the holy Dharma, and [I will] want nothing from seekers. As a doctor would do, I will give only the medicine that will heal the illness of the patient. With my best knowledge, skill, and strength I will try to spin the wheel of holy Dharma, again and again, ringing the bell of holy Dharma and awakening others.”

The teachings are passed from teacher to student, creating an unbroken lineage.  The Lineage Tree is depicted below.


Jigme Lingpa
Jugme Gylwe Nyuku
Patrul Rinpoche
Nyoshul Lungtok
Kenpo Noaochung
Kenpo Munsel
Kenpo Chopel

The other half of the tree

Apang Terton
Lama Tsurlo


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