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“Many people need a book like this which is simple in its language and profound in its meaning.”  

- Anam Thubten

“What she has written in these pages could only come from direct experience and personal investigation; such insights cannot be contrived You will see what I mean and I think you will greatly benefit from what she shares.” 

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel


Author: Dana Marsh

Extraordinary Freedom is an approachable and straightforward invitation to open to life, to inquire within, and to go beyond confusion and live in the light of awareness. Although the book isn’t filled with the esoteric language of the Buddhist tradition, it has the depth of this powerful wisdom tradition.By becoming conscious of our inner world, our habits, beliefs, neurosis, and attachments there is an opportunity to see their empty nature and in doing so transform our lives. The wisdom we need is already within us, it is who we are. By living in awareness and gaining insight we discover this for ourselves. In order to reveal this wisdom in our consciousness we need to try on a new way of seeing and relating to life and all the conditions it presents, then the extraordinariness of who we are can reveal itself and the chains that bind us to old hardened views will break. We can experience extraordinary freedom moment by moment, embracing all that life offers.

You can purchase Dana’s book for $15.00 (including tax) at the Compassion & Insight Center. You can also order print copies or an ebook through online retailers such as Author House, Barnes & Noble & Amazon. There is also an audiobook available on Audible, narrated by Margo Vaughn Nelson.

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